Duvet Buying Guide

If you find that you and your partner have trouble working out who the duvet belongs to, then it is advisable to buy a duvet that is one size larger than your bed for those extra inches!

Which tog rating do I need?

Tog ratings tell you how warm a duvet will be, you need more / less warmth at different times of the year. Tog rating is based on the duvet's ability to trap warm air. Natural duvets have inherently better thermal properties than synthetic, and therefore need less filling to be able to achieve the same level of warmth. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet. Our duvets also have a box construction which means that the duvet has been specially sewn with even squares which keeps the filling evenly distributed and prevents any slippage of the filling ensuring that the duvet remains evenly warm and cosy.

How many duvets should I buy?

  • 3 Duvets - The ultimate luxury, one per 'season'.
  • 1 Duvet - The perfect choice for guest beds! A spring/autumn duvet that is made warmer in the winter by adding a quilt or bedspread. In summer remove the duvet and just use the quilt/bedspread with a flat sheet.

What’s best for children?

Children’s Duvets

Up to the age of 10 children find it hard to regulate their body temperature, so they’re comfiest under low tog duvets – we recommend the light 3 or 4.5 tog for cot beds and either light 4.5 tog or medium/warm 9 tog for single / double beds. Then simply leave a quilt or blanket at the end of the bed that can be pulled up on colder nights. Children over 10 may prefer a warmer tog duvet in winter.
Our Hearty sleeping bags are very useful for under a 4.5 tog duvet in summer and in winter the 9 tog duvet.

Fibre-filled duvets are less expensive and tend to be more practical than natural-filled duvets as they can be put in the washing machine and tumble dried. Their lifespan (about 10 years) is less than natural-filled duvets.
Fillings are made from polyester, such as ‘hollowfibre’. 'Microfibre' is the very latest in fibre filling and is closest in feel to natural down as it is extremely light-weight and is wonderfully soft.
SAFETY: Babies must be 12 months old before they sleep with a duvet, quilt or pillow

Do I need a non-allergenic filling?

If you are someone who suffers from allergies it's important to choose a duvet with a non-allergenic filling such as hollowfibre or silk. Natural feather and down duvets contain natural dust allergens and so should be avoided by allergy suffers. Equally, you may simply prefer the feel of a non-allergenic synthetic-fibre-filled duvet or just want a more cost effective choice for a child's or guest bed.

Fillings are made from polyester, such as ‘hollowfibre’. 'Microfibre' is the very latest in fibre filling and is closest in feel to natural down as it is extremely light-weight and is wonderfully soft.

Polish Goose Down Duvet

These wonderfully high quality duvets are filled with soft and airy luxurious new white goose down clusters creating a duvet that is blissfully light and comfortable to sleep under.
A natural goose down duvet is generally regarded as the most luxurious, because the soft down clusters with which it is filled, trap air-between them to create a duvet that is both blissfully warm and incredibly light and comfortable.
The quality of goose down duvet depends on the type of bird that the down comes from. Down clusters from Geese are much bigger and lighter to those of other birds. The bigger and airier the size of the down, the lighter and higher quality the duvet is. They also mould and drape beautifully around your body for maximum comfort and look fabulous on the bed because of their plump appearance. This natural duvet is the in the tog of your choice an absolute luxury and will last a lifetime if cared for. We recommend dry cleaning once a year for a winter duvet and once a year for your lower tog summer duvet.
90% new white goose down, 10% new white goose feather
Pure Cotton 240 thread count casing
Box construction keeps filling evenly distributed
Machine washable in a large capacity machine, professional laundering recommended
10 year guarantee
Available in 3, 6, 10.5 and 13.5 tog

Luxury Hollowfibre Duvet

These silky soft, fine and light Microfibre / Hollowfibre duvets are the closest synthetic that is equivalent to a natural down, for warmth without weight and beautiful drape over the body.
Warmer winters, central heating and good home insulation means less need for high tog duvets, hence this lower tog, lighter-weight range.
These duvets are dust-mite free thanks to the filling and a mite proof cover.
100% Hollowfibre / Microfibre blend. Materials used are not treated with chemicals and are not known to cause allergies
Pure Cotton 240 thread count casing
Box construction keeps filling evenly distributed.
Machine washable at 30 degrees in a large capacity machine, professional laundering recommended.
Available in 4.5 tog and 9 tog.